The Futurism Issue

May 7th, 2013

When announcing its “futurism” theme we were told we’d struggle for content. Who would of thought we’d actually be spoilt for choice. A whole host of visionaries and innovators are metaphorically retrofitting York and we hope you enjoy their stories and the festivals that celebrate their work. As well as looking at the people inventing the future, we spoke to those struggling with it. This duality has always been important to us as we need to ensure nobody is left behind. With your support, and as a Social Enterprise, every penny of profit we make is reinvested into working towards just that.

And as ever, we owe a big thank you to the local businesses that have supported us with their advertising and help us grow stronger – it means an awful lot to us.

View our trailer for the issue, as produced by One&Other TV…

  • http://hatedriving.wordpress.com/ Loïs Boullu

    Where could I find it on campus (uni of york)?

    • http://twitter.com/OneAndOtherYork One&Other [York]

      From Friday, it will be in the SU shop and in the main bar(s)

      • http://hatedriving.wordpress.com/ Loïs Boullu

        Thanks !

  • Guest

    From Friday, it will be in the SU shop and in the main bar(s).

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