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Vicky Parry

vicky parry

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Role at One&Other:

Founding Editorial Director

Favourite time of year:

The first glints of spring. When the sun is still low in the sky but there is a sweetness to the air.

Favourite travel destination:

Where the heart is in Wales

Secret hideout in York:

By the Riverside in Bishopthorpe. Past the boat yard and onwards.

Favourite things about living here:

Aside from the people in my life that make it so special I am eternally fascinated by the potential to explore.

Best bars:

The Blue Bell, The Habit, Lamb and Lion, House of Trembling Madness. Anywhere with good booze and atmosphere really.

Best insiders tip:

Millions of tourists throng through our streets throughout the year, which is great in itself. However, when Christmas comes around the city returns to its residents and the streets and snickleways become yours once more.



Best view of the city:

Early morning from Skeldergate Bridge, look up the Ouse towards town.

Favourite shop:

Red House Antique Centre

Best place to eat:

Café no 8, Melton’s, Il Paradiso to name but a few. I also love the desserts in El Piano.

This time next year I will be:

Equally excited by One&Other as I am this second.

Top 5 bands:

I can barely narrow it down so here are a few to be getting on with: Joy Division, The Velvet Underground, Television, Patrick Wolf, Hwyl Nofio. I could go on forever.

Favourite era:

The 20s for the clothes, Victorian times for debauchery and today for modernity.

If I was an animal I would be a:

A mountain horse.

2011 has very much been the year of making One&Other grow.

From the initial chats through to the growth of our team this dream has become an overwhelmingly positive reality.

The amount of creative talent that has shrouded One&Other has led it from strength to strength.


So a bit about me, I am of Welsh heritage and grew up in East Yorkshire. I followed my heart to Wales for University  (to study History) and returned to York via 2 years in Madrid.

I love to write, I have done since I was very young and the art of storytelling is my main love. I therefore love to read.

I have worked in fashion, and design my own clothes.

I am an eternal fantasist who obsesses over the pre-Raphaelites, silent film, Charles Dickens and Evelyn Waugh.

I am also a realist, hence One&Other


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