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Stuart Goulden

Stuart Goulden

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Role at One&Other:


Favourite time of year:

Christmas. For family stuff, cheese boards and mulled wine, snowball fights, Santa Claus, and old-fashioned Christmas tunes.

Favourite travel destination:

New York. The ideal playground for my endless curiosities.

Secret hideout in York:

An early morning run and yawn along the river.

Favourite things about living here:

The people.

Best bars:

Depends on mood, season and day of the week. Currently torn between The House of Trembling Madness and Dusk.

Best insiders tip:

Don’t forget the green spaces. We’re blessed to have such wonderful parks in the city centre.


Michelangelo (not the ninja turtle)

Best view of the city:

On the roof of The Minster

Favourite shop:

I often enter Banana Warehouse on a whim and rarely leave empty handed.

Best place to eat:

Xing for a morning pick-me-up, or El Paridiso to be transported to very type of authentic Italian restaurant I was brought up in.

This time next year I will be:

…answering this question again no doubt.

Top 5 bands:

According to Spotify I overplay The Smiths, The Horrors, The Kills, Efterklang, and local boy Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

Favourite era:

I’m hopeful about tomorrow

If I was an animal I would be a:

Squirrel. Without hesitation.

My story, and that of everybody involved, is weaved deep into everything you see here.

Wanting to make a difference, I gathered a few people around a big idea and we conceived One&Other.  That’s the short version.

It’s now become something of an obsession but I still make time for a handful of guilty pleasures.  The list constantly rotates but these days I find I’m hooked on travelling (doing a disappearing act in Europe when I can), writing (ok so it’s technically work), overpaying for new fads (and then losing/dropping them), far too many late nights (too easily led), and the daily escapism I find only a long run or swim can provide.

York is my adopted home and it’s been good to me.  I love that so many people are passionate about its creative underbelly and believe in its potential to give back.

One day, soon, I’d love to see sister One&Other’s pop up around the globe. Who knows…

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