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Helen M Sant

Helen March 2013

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The Importance of Ghosts

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Favourite time of year:

Spring when the days grow lighter and lighter and little crocuses pop their heads out. Everything seems to suggest potential.

Favourite travel destination:

Prague because it’s an amazing place, filled with the most wonderful architecture and charming cobbled streets. Whitby is the place that I have to go to every year though.

Secret hideout in York:

I’m not sure about that one. It’s so secret, even I don’t know it. Maybe St Stephen’s church graveyard in Acomb!

Favourite things about living here:

It’s picturesque, historic and unspoilt in many ways.

Best bars:

The Exhibition hotel, Evil Eye upstairs, Golden Fleece

Best insiders tip:

Live like a tourist; never stop wondering and exploring the place. It’s enduring but always changing. Everyone is three steps away from everyone else in York.


City walls

Best view of the city:

From top of Bootham Bar

Favourite shop:

Aside from my favourite multi-nationals, I’d have to say Eye of Newt or the Cat Gallery.

Best place to eat:

Tough call that one – Café Rouge or Plonkers wine bar near the riverside.

This time next year I will be:

another year older and wiser, on the road to where I’d like to be.

Top 5 bands:

Divine Comedy, Madness, Kaiser Chiefs, Space, Beatles

Favourite era:

After 1660 when the Restoration took place and theatre was allowed again.

If I was an animal I would be a:

cat with black fur or a mottled appearance, feasting on cream.

Helen M Sant became a storyteller in 2003 after dabbling with theatrical ghost walks.  She has told stories at museums, festivals, parks, shops, schools, libraries, residential homes and street corners. Her audiences range from the very young to the very senior and her stories range from legends and myths to history and folklore.  Helen runs the York Festival of Storytelling, celebrating the vocal tradition of stories.

Also a writer of short stories, poetry and plays Helen is currently working on a novel.  Her stories for children were published by Endpapers in 2005 as part of the Breadcrumbs project in York.

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