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Fairfax House is a portal to city-living in Georgian York, where the public are invited to experience the tastes, customs, fashions and interiors of York’s polite society. Originally the winter home of Viscount Fairfax the building has been resident to a number of families, provided office space, and facilitated as a gentleman’s club before being converted into the grand St. George’s Cinema and Dance hall that served as a popular entertainment location for fifty years, towards the end of the 19th century. Its journey through the centuries left it in a state of neglect and decay before the York Civic Trust decided to restore the house as it originally was intended, and open it up to the public. For those indulgent in learning, and sharing their passion for history with others, Fairfax House is once again recruiting volunteers for its training course in October to join the team as Room Hosts.

Room hosts will not only explore behind-the-scenes of the time-capsule that is Fairfax House, but learn in-depth about its amazing architecture, antiques and importance across history. The furniture itself is deemed to be one of the finest collections of eighteenth century collections. And many of Fairfax House’s visitors travel from afar to see the interiors that still remain from the original residence, lavishly designed and decorated by John Carr, one of York’s most notable 19th century architects.

An ideal way to become involved in preserving York’s heritage and accessing Fairfax House’s special events, activities and exhibitions, Room Hosts will share the stories and history of the building with visitors, answering questions and indulging them in what is a crucial part of York’s own story. There is also the added advantage of volunteers being eligible for membership as Friends of Fairfax and the York Civic Trust.

Its historical past will be revealed in a course of workshops for those wanting to volunteer, with eight sessions throughout October and November looking at the historical contents of the house, the tales, and practical workshops on the role before starting. Volunteers would only be needed to commit to one or two sessions a week, lasting a couple of hours each, however it is desired that volunteers would be Room Hosts for a minimum of year due to the extensive training they receive. Though in such glorious surroundings, it would be a surprise if you ever would want to leave.

The training course will be held on the following Monday and Thursday in October; 3rd, 7th, 10th, 14th, 17th, 21st, 24th and on 4th November.

To find out more information on how to become a Room Host and volunteering for Fairfax House, simply click on the “Volunteer Today” button on the right hand side of this article, and fill in your details.

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