Visit York Tourism round up for Next Year

October 18th, 2013
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Good outlooks for York in 2014: After doubts that the year 2013 cannot catch up with the city’s prestigious events in 2012, now the question posed is: Will 2014 be able to top 2013?

Having attended the York Tourism Conference at the Royal York Hotel this Friday, 2014 seems to become a promising year. Referring to Jane Lady Gibson, Chairman of Visit York, there will be a lot of exciting events going to await us York-dwellers in the near future, as “York does not stand still”.

The highlight of the next year will certainly illustrate Le Grand Depart on the 6th of July, drawing this most famous cycling event, The Tour de France, to our city. Prior and alongside this sporting event, a unique 100 Day Cultural Festival will take place, aiming at “breaking new ground” to showcase to the world the wealth of culture on offer in England and to celebrate our community’s creativity. Theatre-wise, the popular mystery plays on the wagons will take place in York and additionally the Castle Museum will profit from a 1.7m investment. All Newgate-fans will be delighted to hear about this central marketplace undergoing a refurbishment in 2014. With regard to the cultural scene, WWI events and exhibitions will be in focus.

Amongst foreign visitors, York is generally renowned for its various and high-standard dining and drinking opportunities; strolling around and enjoying the special atmosphere found within York’s city walls, however, represents another crucial point for tourists to choose York as a travel destination. Looking at the visitor satisfaction within England, York competes with Liverpool in the battle for first place.

With regard to the country’s recent tourism activity, the UK is ranked 5th amongst the most competitive countries in tourism in the world.  The long-lasting summer this year brought an economic boost to our country, nevertheless, Visit England is concerned about the lack of information and inspiration of England’s population about domestic travel destinations and wants to improve this within the next year.

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