Stand-up Review: Rich Fulcher

July 19th, 2013
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Review: Rich Fulcher at The Duchess

When you came in and sat down at The Duchess you could see the atmosphere was high. There were a lot of people waiting to see the awe-inspiring comical genius that is Rich Fulcher.

The Support act Joey Page was doing a preview for his show at the Edinburgh fringe. Before he came on stage there was a mysterious washing line with two pieces of painted cardboard and what seemed to be a mask painted upon it. The audience was baffled.

Then Page came on wearing a very colourful suit, explaining how he is different to other comedians and all his jokes are about things that haven’t happened, or as he called it un-observational comedy. He started talking to the crowd and how one man in the audience could have gone to Tesco’s and seen Eric, and had a very weird evening, and ended up with a stapler as his penis, but this didn’t happen to the guy because he was at the gig. The audience was taken on a weird journey of other unusual things, including drawings of some members of the audience, a PowerPoint (or as it happened, him sticking his face through a cardboard cut-out of a mac) of things that haven’t happened and of cele-bread-ties and also a quiz to win a caramac. He was something different.

Then it was time for the main act made famous in The Mighty Boosh and Snuff Box – it could only be the majestic Rich Fulcher, who entered to dramatic music and did some crazy dances including some thrusts and karate moves. He then decided to do it again and come on and say things comedians never say, ‘does anyone like corn’ and ‘don’t you just hate vin diesel’. This sent the audience into hysterics.

The whole act was filled with lots of little bits that just make the audience crack up like his little acts of York which included stuff like ‘did you know that the name York came from the word York which actually means York’ and then we had the joy of listening to his amazing impressions, including a brilliant old native American talking about weather which was incredible. He also does a great impression of people under water.

Fulcher’s act included snippets from his book tiny acts of rebellion and he explains to the audience how we don’t have time to rebel against the prime minister like they do in Egypt but we can unbuckle our seatbelts just before the plane stops and we can’t protest and march round the country but we can swear at a baby when no-one is looking, and then to finish his act he read some beautiful poetry, including ‘Heaven’, which saw him burp through 2 pages-worth of poem. Overall this gig was fantastic – everyone was laughing and there was a great vibe going about.

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