Parents: Learn How to Save Your Child

September 17th, 2013
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A new study from St John Ambulance has revealed an alarming number of local parents do not know how to perform first aid on their children: 55% of York parents lack the necessary skills to help their children in case of emergency, whilst 65% feel worried about offering first aid if they find their child in a life-threatening situation.

To raise much-needed awareness of these life-saving measures, St John Ambulance, York’s leading first aid charity, is about to launch a new advert on ITV. This advert is part of a campaign called “Save the Boy” and shows a boy lying unconscious after falling from a tree. His father is screaming for help, not knowing what to do. The emotive ad closes with the powerful statement “You can be the difference between life and death”, urging York parents to consider the great importance of cultivating first aid skills. Online, the extended version of the advert offers an interactive video on how to face the situation appropriately.

Here’s what the father in the advert should’ve done to help his child out:

Parents finding their unconscious child are supposed to stay calm and remember the mnemonic DR. ABC, to recall the terms Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing and Circulation.

1. Danger: Make sure the area around you is safe before offering first aid to your child.
2. Response: Address your child loudly, in case it does not react, tap gently on its shoulders for physical response.
3. Airway: To open your child’s airway, put your hand on its forehand and place two fingers under its chin. Tilt the head back.
4. Breathing: Check for breathing by listening or by looking at chest movement. If your child does not breathe, you need to apply CPR. Otherwise, bring your child into the recovery position.
5. Circulation: Check for any bleeding.

Call for medical assistance, either dialling 999 or 112. Try to be as precise as possible, naming what happened, where it happened and who it happened to.

Visit http://www.sja.org.uk/sja/support-us/the-difference/save-the-boy.aspx for more information, to watch the interactive video or book a first aid training course. St John Ambulance also offer free first aid apps and demonstrations.

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