Mask: A New Visuality Project

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September 26th, 2013
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This year’s Illuminate York festival is setting out to inspire us to search for a way in which to see our everyday urban surroundings in a different light. For the past nine years the white-cube gallery According to McGee has celebrated the festival within its own space. This year’s installation veers away from the ‘umbrella domes’ that have cast techno shadows across the walls during previous festivals, instead focusing on celebrating and utilising York charity ‘New Visuality’ and its achievements, in a time where we look to just how glorious a city York is.

Light installation artist Nick Walters will be suspending a series of masks with light projecting their silhouette against a semi-transparent screen in the window of According to McGee. New Visuality co-director Jack Casling, stated “New Visuality have watched ‘Illuminating York’ from afar for years, and every year we install a light exhibition at gallery According to McGee. This year we are dovetailing the window display with the paintings on the wall. Nick has based the projected colours on the paintings of York artists Patrick Smith and Phil Reynolds. It’s an immersive show, and kicks the mask out of the Dark Ages and into the digitally lit world of the future”

The outward exhibition will not only catch the eye, as the lumiere of the quiet Tower Street, but transform and resurge the shop-face for those who may take it for granted on their daily route. Nick believes that Illuminate York compliments his current work and that York is the perfect location to work on such a project, “York works best when it has one eye towards the past and one eye towards the future, and masks are a perfect symbol for that.”

With Nick’s work recently having been exhibited at Glastonbury Festival and York Minster, the task of transforming a singular window could be his most striking yet.

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