Kid Acne’s Transformation of Fibbers

September 23rd, 2013
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The oh-so-familiar face of local nightclub and live music haunt Fibbers underwent some radical changes over the weekend, at the hands of world-famous graffiti artist Kid Acne, who was commissioned by the venue’s owners to create a series of murals in a complete overhaul of the space’s aesthetic. We caught up with the man himself to get to the bottom of Fibbers’ new look – what does it all mean?

“It depends who you ask. These characters, I’ve been painting variations of them for probably like ten, fifteen years and they’re all sort of based on a kind of matriarchy system of these female warriors, and a lot of ‘em have got animal heads, so it dips into ideas of Egyptology and paganism and witchcraft.”

“There’s loads of layers to it, but it depends how you wanna interpret it. It’s not like each character’s got a specific name and a specific role, it’s all quite open to how the viewer might perceive it, but it’s based on this imagined ancient world or parallel world with a kind of belief system, rituals and all that. I think the idea of having some kind of ancient ritual in a club is a nice narrative – the idea of dancing to the beat of a drum and all that kinda thing.”

“This is what my work looks like and it takes all kinds of forms, from giant murals to illustrations and exhibitions, product design, installations… Whatever it is, it’s all based on this style of artwork and my own characters.”

Even as works in progress, Kid Acne’s murals imbued the Fibbers interior with a new sense of vibrancy and likeability. It’ll be good to see woodland creatures and warriors under the disco lights from now on.

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