JCB protestor handed Aviva injunction

February 7th, 2012
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Financial services giant Aviva has successfully taken out an injunction against a customer who staged a number of headline-grabbing protests at its York offices.

The unlikely series of protests that led up to the “regrettable” court action included self-employed plant fire operator Paul Parvin blocking the entrance to the Monks Cross offices with his JCB digger for 90-minutes until armed police arrived to the amazement of the 180 staff within the building.  Still in search of answers, the JCB is then understood to have been broken into pieces and delivered to various Aviva offices by Mr Parvin.  It was also alleged he burnt messages into the grass bank that rests underneath the city walls adjacent to the Yorkshire House offices on Rougier Street and, perhaps most bizarrely, threw a live chicken into the reception of the same site, resulting in a RSPCA visit to collect the distressed bird.

Mr Parvin took to publicly expressing his anger at the outcome of an insurance claim after his digger was hit and severely damaged by an articulated lorry four years ago.  It seems the disagreement over the matter lies in his belief that the digger should have been written off, with Aviva deciding instead that it was to be repaired.  Talking at the time to the Telegraph, Mr Parvin said “Why they won’t class it as a write-off I’ve no idea. It was just over two years old when the accident happened and they said it was too new to write off. But it came back unroadworthy and unusable.”

The handling of the claim then became the main issue with Parvin angered at being “fobbed off every time.”

The disagreement and subsequent protests culminated in Aviva wishing to “avoid further business disruption” and the decision to by the High Court to award the injunction, preventing Mr Parvin going on the company’s property.

Whilst Mr Parvin says he intends to obey the injunction, he is planning to resume his one-man protests on public land close to Aviva offices.

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