In Conversation with Chris (Simpsons artist)

February 21st, 2012
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For those yet acquainted with Chris (Simpsons artist), he is a 28 year old artist who has taken the world by storm after his brilliantly witty and heartwarming Facebook page quickly rocketed into six figure ‘like’ territory.  This cult following has earned him regular spreads in the likes of FHM and Front, as well as his own clothing range and exhibition.

Chris keeps in touch with his many fans on his Facebook page and Twitter, and by giving out some sage life advice, suggesting pet names for his fans (‘skinny tiny’ for a mouse I found) and posting details of brilliant practical jokes (usually on his long-suffering mum). He has become a huge hit amongst my friendship group (and indeed throughout the world).

I caught him for a rare interview, in which we discussed his success, his tricks and, of course, York.


Tell me about yourself, for people who have not heard of you before. What is it that you do exactly?

i am 28 years old and i am a artist and i draw detailed portraits of people and animals and things and i am really good at doing tricks as well and making up loads of good tips for people to use for themselfs and i like chatting to my friends as well on my computer and i like to make people smile as well even if they dont even think that they can smile any more because they are depressed or they have been through a lot like tom hanks in big when he went back small again at the end of the film and he had all stretch marks all over his skin and his body and his legs and he had to go to the hospital to have loads of tests on him and it was really upsetting for him because he didnt even know what was happening to his body either and he was just screaming why are there so many stretch marks all over my body what is happening to me why wont my arms reach for things anymore and he was just lying there trying to get up and it was really quite sad.


© Chris (Simpsons artist)

Have you ever been to York?

i have been to york before and i went to the viking place with my mum and it was really good and i was 10 and there was loads of people looking at old things loads.

You seem to have gathered quite a following in such a short space of time, what do you think it is that makes people so fond of you?

i just think that people just really love my pictures because they are detailed and they are quite 3d as well and when you have a look at them it is like you are having a look at a moment in time and that is beautiful like you are looking in to your neighbours window at night time when she is making her dinner and that moment in time will never happen again and that is like looking at my pictures i think.

© Chris (Simpsons artist)


You are famous for your brilliant tricks. I work in an office with loads of people who pick on me, any advice for my mate Joel and me on some good tricks I can do to get them back?

if you want to do a good office trick then just say to people that you are going to go outside because you are worried about your uncle because he is ill but you dont really go outside and you just go under your desk for 2 hours and it will be so funny because everyone will think that you are outside and you are dead worried but you will just be under your desk and it will be so funny trust me and everyone will be so shocked.

Is there a Mrs (Simpsons artist)?

i believe in true love and i believe i will know who my true love is when i meet her for the very first time and i will look in to her eyes and she will put her face really close to mine as well and she will know the same for me as well because everything will go completely still and there will be no sounds or noises and there will be nothing that can take that moment of true love away from us not even a flood.


© Chris (Simpsons artist)


You have been featured in FHM, Front and now One&Other, what is next for you?

anything is next for me really because all that i have to do is just think of something and then do it and do it the best way that i can and i think that the best way to make your dreams come true is to just wake up in the morning even if you wake up under your bed or on the kitchen floor or in the loft or on the garage roof or under my neighbours house then you can do anything that you believe in yourself to do and until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far that you can fly and before you stretch all of your skin really far back on your face you will have no idea how thin your lips can really go.

Chris, it’s been a pleasure. Anything you would like to say to One&Other readers before you go?

i hope that you all have a lovely day and i think that you should just be really confident for yourself and you should just go for it because no one else will go for it for you unless you are really ill or you are a newborn and i love newborns so much they are so sweet and i drew a newborn on my chin once and i went in to town and a lady asked if i had a newborn on my chin and i said yes i do and then i flicked my hair and said see ya and then did a massive kick and just ran off and went to primark to sit on the steps for a hour.


You can find Chris’s artwork on his Facebook page and buy a poster or t-shirt for yourself at his online store.

  • http://www.mikeleighcooper.com/ mikeleighcooper

    @PaulButler I agree with all your points! Simplicity, and a sharing of ideas is best!Just for reference, this has spilled out onto “York Filmmakers Coalition” on the old Facebook. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/185025398212288/)

  • rosed

    Go post those suggestions!! It’s like being a cabbie on steroids: not only can you sound off on how YOU’D fix society, but the idea gets pubicly posted. Yes.

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    @JonnyMotto Hi Jonny. It does seem a like a lot to pay for drinks. To get the results Stu felt we have to use an awful lot of expensive ingredients. They’re no ordinary juices. It’s like putting a fruit and veg stall through a juicer. Plus 2 shots of wheatgrass and 2 shots of spirulina everyday. If it’s something that interests you, pop into the shop to find out more. If you want to DIY, check out the juicemaster’s book/ app. Simon from Xing. Simon@xinghealth.co.uk.

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    This is THE best thing ever! :D

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    BRAVO Mr CasLOL!!!

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    Love it, I just love it.

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