How to: Victory Rolls

January 30th, 2012
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Trends rotate, autum/winter, summer/spring, there is always one foot forward on the catwalk but sometimes they take two steps back. A jump back in time taking inspiration from the greats and remoulding it into something altogether inspiring but what look can be more inspring than a look originating from women wanting to honour their soldiers in the war?

A victory roll was originally a term for a manouevre used by fighter-pilots in the second world war, the women of the 1940s adapted this into a hairstyle that would honour their victorious soldiers. During the second world war women achieved this look using pipecleaners as the metal from the manufacture of hair pins had gone to the war effort.

This style has been adapted over the decades to create super stylish and niche hairstyles, from rockabillys to pin-ups this hairstyle has truly been the most stylish look of the past century. Today we still see these styles worn and spring summer 2012 has been no exception. Retro hair swept across this seasons catwalk with anything from understated to elaborate.

Eugene Souleiman created dramatic, Forties-inspired hair at Jean Paul Gaultier, rolling the hair high on top of the models’ heads creating a very powerful homage to this time less look.

A way to recreate this look can be quite simple and very wearable whether you want to achieve a sophisticated up do or want to work a vintage take in to your look here are a few easy steps to make your hair victorious.

What you will need :

Matte hair grips to suit your hair colour.

BUMBLE AND BUMBLE does it all hair spray £9.50

2x long metal hair combs

DENMAN dressing out brush at boots £4.09

STEP 1. Split your hair neatly down the middle forming two seperate section.

STEP 2. Lightly spritz the hair with the hairspray to smooth any flyaways making sure the sections stay parted.

STEP 3. Next you need to anchor the hair , making sure the bottom side of the grips are touching the scalp the hair should be pinned in line with the middle of your ear and the underneath creating a v-shape this should feel tight and secure but not uncomfortable. Imagine your are creating low pig tails with slides instead of an elastic.

STEP 4. Spray your brush lightly with hairspray and start to back brush each section. You are wanting to create a base and padding rather than too much root lift, the finished result should look airy rather than tangled.

STEP 5. At an angle start to roll the section from point to root around your fingers this will help to create the v shape.

STEP 6. Take one of the large hair combs and hook it into the roll, push the comb over into the hair that has been secured to your head, neatness is not a neccesity a little undone will make this look modern.

STEP 7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 on the opposite side when you have finshed lightly spritz with hairspray.

This look will look geat with accesories and this will help put your own stamp on things.

£10 Hair comb from a selection at ASOS

£14 at ACCESORIZE perfect for a more formal occasion add a stripe bow headband before step 5 and roll the hair over it to create a cute vintage look £6.50 at TOPSHOP

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