How to Love Food & Lose Weight

January 20th, 2013
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Say Hello to ‘Alternative’ & Goodbye to ‘Diet’ Enjoy all your family favourites at a reduced calorie intake.

Ok, so you probably shouldn’t have gone for the extra portion of roast potatoes smothered in goose fat or the extra two slices of turkey on Christmas Day. Every year, the two January slogans of “Diet” and “Sale” leave you rummaging through the sale rails, only to later sell these items on Ebay once you have lost the 6 pounds of weight that you didn’t need to lose anyway.

Now – you are shopping around for a velour running tracksuit (warmth over style) and jogging up and down your village lane whilst trying not to draw any attention to yourself – you hate gyms. Already your friends are suggesting a million different diet regimes and all you want to do, is devour your favourite Tikka Masala and up your attendance at Zumba to twice a week. Well news in – you can. I’m swapping the word ‘Diet’ to ‘Alternative’. Thanks to The Hairy Bikers – you can still enjoy the family favourites but become healthier in the process. Sound too good to be true? Well here are my top 4 family recipes to say hello to a healthier 2013. Come mid-February, the scares of diet food will be long gone as you swap diet for delicious alternatives. A family favourite – Swap your curry take way for the Hairy Dieters ‘Chicken Korma’. Usually curries are forbidden territory when you are watching your weight but with the biker’s korma-lite you don’t need to miss out on your ultimate Friday night dish. The dish comes in at 294 calories per portion (without rice). If big flavours are your thing- The hearty dish of ‘Our Special Cassoulet’ would keep even the biggest rugby team happy! Choose meaty sausages and gammon, take the skin off the chicken and use a very small amount of oil – it all helps! Enjoy a warming casserole to feed all the family, the dish comes in at 464 calories per person and serves six, easily.

Anyone who loves their food has to love their pies. It would be a shame to let go of the good old traditional beef pie. Why not try the Hairy Dieters ‘Low Fat Minced Beef and Potato pies – you will need some small individual foil cases for these. These little beauties come in at 335 calories per portion. This way, you can incorporate lean minced beef (less than 10% fat) and still enjoy the baked goodness of a hearty pie.

Chilli con carne – made healthy? Why not try the Hairy Dieters’ ‘Chilli Salad Bowls’- packed with beef and flavour. It’s a proper feast (and the biggest salad of all). This dish comes in at 397 calories per person and you can also make this with ready-made taco shells which are even lower in calories than tortillas- so you can eat more filling!

For details on the above recipes and more from the hairy bikers visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/programmes/p00vq8c8

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