How to avoid the Horse Meat Scandal

February 26th, 2013
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Devour Beautiful Homemade burgers .

Yes, It’s still going on – four weeks since an Irish burger was neighing it’s way on our TV screens with its contents containing 30% horsemeat. It left us feeling, well – a little misled really and made us question the trust that we put into our leading supermarkets. Us as consumers would much rather (or believe) that we are munching on an Aberdeen Angus rather than our beloved film star – Black beauty. The very thought makes us shiver, but experts are commenting that it is the packaging of the ‘horse’ burgers that has made us angry. If you enter a dodgy looking kebab takeaway on a Saturday night, then ‘what you see is what you get’ is tattooed on the takeaway owners forehead – as a customer, we accept this. However, whilst picking up the Bird’s eye frozen peas, and McCain’s goose fat oven baked chips one does not wish to pick up a frozen slab of ‘ruby’ who you admire in the paddock and buy cosy rugs for at The Burghley Horse Trials. The scandal is a problem, in which the government are trying to clean up. The simple fact is how cheap horsemeat is – we’re talking £20 a tonne for horsemeat compared to thousands of pounds for a tonne of beef.  With Tesco’s removing their value Spaghetti Bolognaise off their shelves, consumers are thinking twice before packing their trolleys with ‘beef’. My thoughts turn to cooking the classic dish at home, with locally sourced produce, after all – The providence of food isn’t taken seriously enough. These horsemeat burgers sailed their way from France, so what will you choose to cook? Some of you may of bulk bought the burgers, who cares? If it looks attractive and meaty on the outside why bother getting all worked up? For those that do, here are 4 homemade Burger recipes that you can devour – know exactly what is going inside your meaty burger buns…

Why not dabble and try Paul Merrett’s burger recipe from The Saturday Kitchen, his burgers are busting full of herby flavour, sprinkled with coriander and made with beef chunk steak- the classic burger, why over complicate anything? Recipe available here. 

Or sample a dazzling venison burger with stylish coleslaw on the side, this burger is the pub classic but oozes class (and lots of cheese). This posh burger boasts a light celeriac remoulade- the perfect base sauce, because mustard is essential with venison, naturally.  Recipe available here.


Paul Rankin (who is the king of herby sausages) presents his recipe ‘Lamb burgers in a mushroom bun’; the mozzarella balls add a distinctive gooey cheesy texture, with a pinch of chilli adding that extra zing. Recipe available here.


Who says your burgers need to be just lamb, pork or beef? Julie Clark’s ‘Chicken and tarragon with white wine and mushroom sauce burgers, with a golden potato rosti allows burgers to take centre stage at your dinner party. Now you can chop the side salad, and let the chestnut mushrooms do the talking: http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/chickenandtarragonbu_89492




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