Fish ‘N’ Chips – Inside or Out?

February 3rd, 2013
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Time and time again, us as Brits are drawn back to our traditional foodie favourites and what makes us proud to be British. You simply can’t beat the fresh sea air and the smell of salty fish and chunky chips drizzled with oil. Who would of thought that over 150 years since its initial rise to popularity, it would still be a treat to be handed cod and chips wrapped in greasy paper and smothered with curry sauce, vinegar, gravy or mushy peas today.

Find any bench, pier or sea wall to sit on, walk on or prop yourself up against, and the familiar sound of gulls will recreate Alfred Hitchcock’s film ‘The Birds’. You ignore these pests, because you are taking in the crispy beer batter and stabbing the white fish fillet with your wooden fork hungrily. Drizzling curry sauce over your chips, you then shake a flurry of sea salt all over, you smile to the harbour view and thank the blue skies that your English Summertime is now complete. You clutch onto your polystyrene dish with might, as the wind wraps around your ankles and the added ‘scraps’ of batter add an extra greasy crunch.

‘The chip’ and ‘the potato’ came together at the end of the 19th Century and were one of the few foods unrationed during the war. Fish and chips can still create that warming fulfilment even on a chilly February day, whilst sitting staring at the tourists clicking their cameras outside the beauty that is, the York Minster. The tourists are confused by the hype; they sample the dish in a pub or a restaurant and don’t become immersed in the same joyous experience that we do. They may even opt for a pukka pie instead of the British classic at a local takeaway.

Why not visit Drakes Fish and Chips on 97 low Petergate, York to sample local batter? Or, if you prefer an alternative fish dish, why not visit Loch Fyne seafood restaurant on 12 Walmgate, York for more seafood delicacies such as Oysters, muscles and pan fried sea bass with seasonal accompaniments?

For those ambitions individuals amongst you, why not cook some ‘Fish and Chips’ at home, using a variety of different cooking methods?

For those who want to experience the ultimate Fish ‘n’ chip dish with beer batter and glossy chips, then dabble in Jamie Oliver’s recipe from his book ‘Jamie’s dinner’, the authentic dish serves 4 and has 860kcal per serving, with 22.4g of protein. Follow the link for all the details on how to tackle your cod (here).

The classic dish can also work well with other ingredients, BBC Good Food online present the dish of ‘Pan fried salmon and parsley chips’, which has a preparation time of less than half an hour. The dish is dinner party plate perfection. See link for details (here).

Or, why not try this recipe from Woman & Home, ‘Oven baked fish and chips’ with desiree potatoes sprinkled with thyme and white fish fillets baked with lemon zest. Just 320 calories per serving and less than 10 minutes prep time – A perfect weeknight choice (here).

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