Dreams of Roller Derby? The Minxters Recruit!

October 7th, 2013
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York sportswomen, perk up your ears! The York Minxters, York’s ambitious roller derby team, call out for enthusiastic and passionate sport-lovers “with fire in their belly” to join their team.

The York Minxters were formed in late 2011 by Aby Pirates who saw the lack of a York-based roller derby team. What started as a Facebook group to simply find like-minded people interested in building up a roller derby community in York, soon grew to a passionate skating team participating actively in the regional roller derby league.

Roller derby, for those not knowing what it is all about, is a game that first emerged in America in the 1930s but has experienced a huge revival over the last decades. Roller derby is an all-female full-contact sport that can be described as a game of skill and endurance with many strategies, rules and penalties.

Scoring as many points as possible whilst leaving the opponents behind is the major object of the game. One match, called a bout, runs an entire hour that is split into two half hour sessions. These sessions consist of multiple jams, two minute matches, in which five players, out of a total 14 competing in the whole game per team, try to score for their team. The small teams involve a Jammer, which is the skater responsible for scoring, and Pivots and blockers, that are responsible for the defensive.

An open day, held on Sunday, the 20th of October, will give all female skaters aged 18 and over the opportunity to get an insight into this interesting sport. Experience is not necessary, you can be a complete beginner who is gradually introduced to blocking/hitting and the importance of speed. The roller derby kit can be hired for free.

During the week, the York Minxters practice on Thursdays from 8pm-10pm and Sundays from 4pm-6pm.

Those who are not interested in becoming the next Jammer, Pivot or blocker are still encouraged to join the team as referees (which men can apply for as well) or NSOs (Non-Skating Officials).

If you want to join the Minxter Belles, become part of this “extended family” and get a nickname as exciting as “Misery Stitches” or “Caterkiller”, please contact the York Minxters on Facebook or via yorkminxters@gmail.com.

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