Culinary Treats For Mum

March 10th, 2013
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Treat your mother to that ever thoughtful ‘Breakfast in Bed’ with these unique recipes…

Centuries ago, it was highly thought of when young children aged as little as just ten years old who got sent away from home to work, returned to their mother church. It was the return to ‘the mother church’ that encouraged a day of holiday and the tradition that children spent the day off to visit their families. In terms of feasting, Mothering Sunday was termed ‘Refreshment Sunday’ due to lent rules becoming relaxed. One particular food favourite was the ‘Simnel cake’, named after a legend that a man Simon and wife Nell argued over how the cake should be made for Mother’s Day – baked or boiled. In the end after many arguments, they did both – as result the cake was named after both of them ‘SIM-NELL’.

Today, youngsters visit ‘Hobby craft’ in order to make their mother the perfect home-made card – clusters of glitter and spoonful’s of PVA later and the masterpiece is kept for generations to admire. The older of the offspring will shop online; ‘Inter flora’ is a good source of gifts – just one click away, others will log on to ‘Moonpig’ to create their card digitally. Whatever happened to children pinching the household scissors on the way to church and snipping wild violets, or sitting cross-legged every afternoon of summertime making a delicate daisy chain? As Abraham Lincoln famously said, ‘All that I am, I owe to my mother Angel’.

So what can you do on the 10th March to make your mother’s day special?

Mothers are famous for stating they don’t need an extra sugar – they are already sweet enough. James Martin is tempting their sweet tooth with his breakfast recipe of ‘Bacon Waffles’. This classic American breakfast is naughty – sweet waffles drizzled with maple syrup with crispy bacon on top. It takes 20 mins to cook, leaving you plenty of time to squeeze your Florida fresh oranges. Or why not make a fresh ‘Blueberry and Orange Smoothie’?

For that bacon waffle recipe, click here.

For the blueberry and orange smoothie recipe, click here.

The alarm went off hours ago – it’s late morning. The sausages and muesli have been put away and you turn to brunch. Donnie Hay takes the meal to a new level with ‘Egg & Bacon Pies’ – Fast, fresh and simple.

For details, click here.

You love scrambled eggs. More importantly, you like them better with something on the side. Sadly, this week’s budget is too low for the quality smoked salmon that you wish to opt for. Why not try something different and cook ‘Sophisticated Scrambled Eggs’ by Michel and Albert Roux served with garlicky vegetables and cured ham. This way, you can prepare ahead and let her snooze through the alarms, a mighty brunch meal before that brisk afternoon walk. For the recipe, click here.

Who says you need to cook the full works? Why not forget ‘what you usually have’ and get cooking with Jo Pratt’s recipe ‘Kedgeree’ a smoky fish dish packed full of herbs and complimented with basmati rice. It makes for a brilliant flavoursome brunch. Click here.

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