Control: A New Indie Night For York

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May 17th, 2013
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Thank God for the indie disco! That last bastion of guitar music in clubland! That glowing opportunity for puny youths to dress like rock stars and disco like they’re lives depend on it! That fantastically cheap way to become inebriated! Here in York we do still have one or two excellent indie nights alive and kicking around the city, but many have died out over the past few years with dubstep, hip-hop, house and chart music beginning to tickle the collective fancy of the young and carefree more than The Strokes, The Gossip, Bloc Party etc.

York’s indie music scene has become something of an embattled sub-culture, and you know what? We kind of like it that way. There’s nothing ‘indie’ about going along with the crowd after all… A brand new indie night, ‘Control’ enters the equation this month, set to run late every Saturday night at Fibbers. We caught up with founder Oliver Webb to find out the essentials.

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O&O: What’s the new night all about? What do you hope to achieve?

OW: The main reason is that York’s been dying for a good indie night. I think Saturday was the right night, as a lot of locals tend to go out on Saturdays, whereas students tend to be out on Fridays. Students don’t seem to appreciate indie. We just wanted to create a really cool brand and see what happens – a successful, busy, weekly, cool indie disco.

O&O: What can we expect to hear at Control Saturdays?

OW: It’s gonna be quite varied. We’ll be playing everything from The Beatles to LCD Soundsystem. There’ll be some new stuff as well, you’ll hear some Peace, maybe some Swim Deep, and a few more bands coming through right now. There’ll be motown in there as well with your staple Jackson 5 and stuff. We’re not going too obscure with it all, we want your day-to-day indie kids to know the songs.

O&O: Sounds like you’ve got a pretty specific audience in mind.

OW: To be honest, we want the indie kids in. Recently there’ve been a few complaints and we’ve heard on the grapevine that Fibbers is letting in the wrong sort of character. This isn’t going to be the case at Control. I’d rather have a night with the right kind of people that’s not quite as busy. We want the cool kids in – we’ve got Urban O on board so that will help the right kind of people to find out about it. If people call into the Urban Outfitters store they’ll be able to pick up free Control wristbands which will entitle them to special offers at the clubnight.

O&O: How are you going to set the Control brand apart from being just your average clubnight? Any big plans?

OW: We’re hoping to open a Youtube channel and launch Control Sessions, where we’d have new upcoming indie bands do acoustic sessions and that sort of thing. We’re wanting to support the local scene as much as possible – if we’re getting 400 people in every Saturday then why not promote the local scene? We wanna support those guys. I’ll try to always stick a few local bands in the first hour just to test drive the tracks. I think going back to the sessions, we actually want to do Control Sessions nights in the town, potentially booking cool touring headliners and sticking on some good locals as support acts.

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Sounds like fun to us. The first ever Control takes place this Saturday at Fibbers, running from 11pm ’til the wee hours of the morning. Have a look at the event page, here.

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