York Celebrates British Cheese Week

September 13th, 2013
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Thanks to the “British Cheese Week” we rediscovered York from its incredibly cheesy side.

If you want to indulge your taste buds, make your way through the city and pass “Love Cheese” on Gillygate, “Henshelwoods Deli” at Newgate and “The Hairy Fig” on Fossgate, plus a whole multitude of other places.

Altogether, there are more than 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK. Although you will not find all of them within York’s city walls, the range of cheeses offered in York’s delis reaches from international cheeses to national and local produce. On your culinary journey you might want to make the following experiences your own:

According to Ali Vincent, proprietor of Henshelwoods, 38 of their regular 65 cheeses are British, with 15 coming directly from Yorkshire. She highly recommends Swaledale Blue, as “it gives any good Stilton, it is creamy and it has got a wonderful nutty, salty blueness”. With regard to non-Yorkshire cheeses, Ali prefers the Flammery which is a soft sheep’s milk cheese from the south coast of Sussex: “It is beautiful, soft and creamy and it is just not like any other sheep’s cheeses I have ever tasted.”

Referring to the British Cheese Week, Ali states: “British cheese is having a real resurrection at the moment whilst French cheeses are losing interest. I think the British Week of Cheese should be celebrated all year not just one week.”

In “Love Cheese”, another highly recommended cheese shop in York, 80% of the cheese sold is British. The deli registers a great demand for Cheddar “of which Keen’s Cheddar from Somerset is the most popular one. It is the traditional Cheddar which is really strong but really creamy as well”, as said by Julian Merritt, owner of the place. Love Cheese also offers a lot of goats cheese from Lowna dairy in East Yorkshire and has worked closely with Juliet Harbutt, one of the world’s leading authorities on cheese.

For Julian,  British Cheese Week “is good to just help with promoting and there are so many cheeses people don’t know about.”

Local cheeses such as Swaledales, Wensleydales, Ribblesdales or Shepherd’s Purse can also be found in “The Hairy Fig”. Apart from the locals, Welsh cheeses from Snowdonia or Lyburn cheeses belong to Sue Hardys stock, too.

As everything depends on your taste when it comes to judging cheese, you need to hit the cheesy road yourself.



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