29 Days of Local Music: The Pauper Kings

February 29th, 2012
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To some readers, today’s band may have an air of familiarity about them. This might be because The Pauper Kings have been filling York’s boozers with soaring pop melodies for over 12 months now. It may also be because, despite their tender age, various members of the band have been a major part of York’s musical map for a while. It could also be because you’ve spotted them in the papers recently or because a couple of them were part of the hugely popular touring show “Vampires Rock” or because you were lucky enough to see them playing alongside country favourite Tim McKay at Wembley Stadium or…the list goes on. The important thing is that you now know about The Pauper Kings.

The Kings story is hardly rags to riches but the band – made up of brothers Henry, Jack and Arthur Bird alongside long-time musical friends Nicky Miller and Milo Mitchinson – have been working hard on creating their own brand of infectious melodic pop since the end of 2010. If you’ve never heard the Kings plays then their sound is best described as harmonious and happy. The soaring vocals of the Brothers Bird really set their sound ahead of any other pop act touting their tunes in York at the moment while their guitar and/or piano-driven tunes really make you stand up and listen. The band have put a lot of emphasis on harmonies,  their tight musicianship and the use of sing-a-long choruses and the result is a string of songs capable of making any audience sing, smile, dance or sway.

The start of 2012 has been exciting for the lads as their hard work is finally starting to bear fruit. Under the guidance of producer Will Jackson (Kaiser Chiefs, The Cribs, and The Pigeon Detectives), they have recorded some infectiously tuneful songs that York’s live audiences have been lapping up in recent months. So much so that when four-man hit factory McFly launched an online competition to find a support band for their visit to York Barbican later this year, the King’s faithful following voted en masse to ensure only one band would take to the stage come April 17th.

As well as their aforementioned gig with McFly, the Pauper Kings will be embarking on a summer tour including dates in their hometown so be sure to keep out for their royal procession through York’s pubs, clubs and musical hangouts in 2012. Their live performances to date have seen them transform any space from pokey old man’s pubs to roomy musical halls into happy hangouts as their fans happily sing-a-long to the band’s songs or a cleverly arranged cover. If you don’t believe me then all you have to do is simply watch the number of videos on YouTube recorded by their fans and view the associated comments.

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