‘The Dress’: Amazon Bestseller by Sophie Nicholls

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January 4th, 2012
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Sophie Nicholls is a talented author from York and in September 2011 she released a novel called The Dress using amazon’s self-publishing tools for the Kindle. This very shortly became an Amazon UK bestseller with reaching number 5 in the chart. As of 3rd Jan 2012, the book stands at number 35 (77 days in the top 100).

Sophie said in her blog “This is an exciting time for writers. When I finished writing The Dress, I didn’t consider querying agents. I wanted to run an experiment to find out what might be possible if I put it out there using Amazon’s new self-publishing tools. I’d already enjoyed the process of publishing my novella Ruby Slippers in this way, a book that at 16,000 words wouldn’t have been of much interest to traditional print publishers.”

The Kindle Direct Publishing service is free, fast and very easy to use. If you use this service you can participate in their 70% royalty program. With the book being available to purchase on Kindle devices and Kindle apps for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android-based devices.

Sophie set the book itself in York as she said, “There’s a certain atmosphere and pace to the city that I find particularly inspiring” and “There’s a sense in which the city tells its own story”, she continued  to say “I think is an absolute gift for a writer.”

In an interview with One&Other Sophie said, “I’ve been absolutely amazed by the success of The Dress. I put the book out as an experiment at the end of September and the response has been beyond anything I could have dared to imagine. It’s all very exciting. I think the most lovely and unexpected thing of all has been the emails and feedback that I’ve received from readers. It’s been wonderful for me to hear how they’ve connected with the story – and the world that I created inside my head – and it’s also very helpful to me as I shape the next book.”

Yes that’s right, there will be another book following on from the The Dress. The new book will be called The Dream and continues the story of Fabbia and Ella along with some new characters, along with a liberal sprinkling of ‘everyday magic’.

You can read more about her amazing story on her blog.

You can buy The Dress on Amazon.


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