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  • HelmutSturm

    I fail to see how this supports local artists or growing a genuine local scene? Isn’t this just a battle of the bands by another name? A contest that will ultimately get OO lots of traffic from bands and their friends but give the bands nothing real in return? If your own articles are only achieving tens of likes, how are the exposed bands going to get thousands of new followers? Some short term coverage of “special One and Other live gig” is quite a measly prize for the bands given what OO will get out of it!

  • Clarey

    So next week the only people left watching will be relatives of the cast and York people who want a laugh!

    This week’s plot was bonkers. Anyone who runs into the Castle Museum asking where A&E clearly isn’t fit to be a parent. Even if you can suspend your belief and pretend it’s not the Castle Museum – who has ever seen a hospital that looks like that with a huge flight of stairs and no disabled parking outside?

    I’m starting to think Gist is very creepy. I was totally unnerved when he turned up in the kids bedroom asking him if his daddy cried. Not sure what that was all about? And that final chat on the Minster Tower about how if the angels weren’t here that things would get pretty bad on earth. Umm… somehow I think we’d do just fine if all theses characters did just fly off. They’d be less chance of motorbike accidents down Low Petergate for a start!

  • http://kwest.com/RobertRowshan Robert_Rowshan

    really enjoyed your article about Johnny Cash

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  • WilliamThompson

    hi i am looking for a friend i lost contec with he started workin for pat rowan stables in 1959 as a app jockey  his name is peter barnes he is from belfast northern ireland l no he married there could any 1 help me please  i am billythompson6@hotmail.com

  • Searcher37

     @York Print Company 
    Spelling mistake from the York Print Company (aka York Press perhaps) is typical of York journalism

  • Michael Wilson

     @Searcher37 Wow! A childish and sarcastic remark from someone correcting literacy; someone who doesn’t understand grammar… perhaps? Keep the articles coming one&other, great work.

  • JennyDavies

     York Print company seem to be a legit company with a website if you click on them, nothing to do with The Press, so I’m not sure why you felt the need to have a venomous dig at the local newspaper

  • WilliamThompson

     @Michael Wilson hi l am lookin for a peter barnes if you or any of your friends would no him,

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