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One&Other is a media brand fit for the 21st century.

One&Other is a local media company and branded content agency with a passion for storytelling through design, digital, film and publishing. We spend all day, every day cultivating big ideas and translating them into engaging content. Whether it’s for ourselves or for others, our philosophy stays the same: to use the power of creativity to move audiences into action.

One&Other York launched on September 1st 2011 with oneandother.com, and now includes oneandother.tv and a bi-monthly magazine.

Our brief to ourselves is to re-inject the relevance, intelligence, charm, beauty and purpose back into local media.

We also believe that local media have a responsibility beyond profit that needs to be protected, that is to serve, enlighten, empower and advance communities. For this to happen within One&Other, we are guided by three principles:

  1. That we must operate from within the communities that we serve
  2. That we must seek to employ local knowledge and talent wherever possible
  3. That all profits are reinvested into making us stronger and the creation of more social value

By setting up as a Community Interest Company (a form of Social Enterprise), we can control our own destiny and honour this commitment.


One&Other is a community of professional journalists, illustrators, designers, photographers, videographers, and hobbyists, coming together to change local news for the better and act as a catalyst for people-powered change.

In York, we are headed by Stuart Goulden and Vicky Parry.


Thank you to our beautiful Founding Supporters and Founding Members for their contributions during our early crowdfunding campaign: Steve Parry, Kim Hopkins, Natalie Roe, Amanda Mackey, Simon Newton, Rob Blake, Ambiente, Casey Morrison, Jane Duke, Clare Harrison, Caroline Littler, Kier Humphreys, Yasmin Wahab, D Shepherdson, Mike Brudenell, Samuel Newton, Matt Lee, Carie Taylor, Sarah Hill, Harry Cooke, Zena Jarjis, Jim Poyner, Emily Medd, Luiza Morrell, Amy Greene, Katie Atkin, Richard Goulden, Catherine Newman, Mark Powell, Ed Reid, Nigel Metheringham, Dr Kin F. Kam, Mark Woodcock, Nicola Scott, Bunty & Co, Lucy Evans, Amy Phillips, Jonathan Frost, Alice Thomson, Natalie Kingston, Sophie Coulombeau, Rachel Semlyen, Scott Goulden, Archie Folta, Rick Chadwick, Matt Noble, Cheryl Milner, Jordan Bassett.

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