Luke Downing’s One&Other TV Experience

May 8th, 2013

As a Film & Television graduate of York St John, to be asked to be part of One&Other TV was an opportunity that was simply too good to refuse.

With the magazines growing reputation, One&Other is fast becoming an established source of inspiration and creativity within the city, and One&Other TV reflects this perfectly. With an emphasis on timelessness and individuality placed on each film made, producing content for the site is a pleasure, with each film offering up its’ own challenges and a chance to get creative.

One&Other TV certainly isn’t the only creative outlet for the budding film-maker in this city though. It’s just one part of an ever growing community that has given birth to innumerable creations. From zombies to goblins, superheroes to distopian futures, it’d be easier to list things York’s film-makers haven’t created than have. With such a small city producing such a rich and eclectic mix of film and video content, and so many video companies cropping up with each years new influx of graduates from both universities, it’d be easy to assume that the competition for work here is huge. However, what makes York so unique is that rather than an ‘every man for himself’ attitude, the film-makers here seem to have adopted a much more positive ‘all for one’ attitude.

I’ve been involved with a number of films in York now, as well as some of my own, and each has been an absolute pleasure. There really is a sense of community between York’s film-makers, with each person willing to help out the next. No matter the role on set, whether somebody may be a runner or a director, everybody is in it for the right reason; The love of film making, and it shows.

As somebody starting out in the industry, there is no better feeling than having the reassurance that I’m surrounded by some brilliant creative minds, all willing to share their wisdom and advice, or even in some cases just offering to drive me out of town to get a much needed bit of footage.

Being part of the One&Other TV team means I’m part of this exceptional community, creating films for the right reasons and gaining real pleasure from the experience. The future’s looking bright for film-making in this city and I’m proud to be playing my little part.


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