Devour the “Indulgence” issue

September 5th, 2012

We’d like to introduce you to a new issue of One&Other [York] Magazine. Amongst many other things, it touches on the very topical Food & Drink festival which you’ll notice has inspired a Dionysian lilt to not only the design but its concept, allowing us to explore indulgence’s antithesis: Poverty, decay and true decadence.

Aside from this focus on duality, we also welcome a new generation of scholars and present a few insiders’ tips to the city as both universities return after a summer break. They’ll soon be joined by the customs that accompany Halloween and we’ve a twist of the macabre in our pages to please even the blackest of souls.

All of this arrives at a time when we’ve a few things to celebrate of our own. The 1st of September marked a major milestone: our first birthday, which will be celebrated in style with a huge retrospective of the eventful journey so far and the influx of creative genii we have had the huge fortune to work with; long may it continue. From One&Other’s earliest beginnings we have been lucky to receive the support of the community at large and together we’ve come a long way.

As we move into our second year, we promise to continually strive to grow and evolve whilst not forgetting our primary aim as a non-profit to be the collective voice of the local community. Some of these changes will hopefully be immediately apparent, such as a new artistic direction in this issue. A new designer here and a few tweaks to format there, we’re keen to hear any feedback you may have as what’s ours is yours (email us at hello@oneandother.com or head to Twitter with the hashtag #indulgenceissue).

All in all the autumn is proving to be the months that keep on giving. There is so much on offer, so much to think about, and so much to indulge in. The hard copies will be distributed before the weekend, but until then enjoy its electronic cousin…

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