My story so far…

January 27th, 2012

Now I’m halfway into my placement at One&Other and I am going to share with you my journey so far, and what a brilliant journey it has been.

The first adventure I experienced was the mission of trying to locate the One&Other offices. The University of York seems (in my mind) like an elephant in size to what I was used to- the mouse like structure of Leeds Trinity. Luckily I gave myself enough time to get lost and then I was greeted by none other than Editor, Vicky Parry. What was I expecting? I’m not really sure. When I sat down with Vicky to discuss what I would be doing over the next six weeks, (over some yummy coffee might I add), I was half in shock and half in awe to meet someone who oozed such enthusiasm and passion for their work. It was infectious like a common cold and didn’t stop there, I then met director Stuart Goulden, and community director Ben Osborne; all three had an unanimous love and drive for what they believed in and it instantly made me want to share their  ideals.

I had researched One&Other prior to gaining my internship; the ethos behind the company is brilliant, putting positive media back into the news, centralising around a city that epitomizes beauty, I couldn’t wait to start. As time has gone by I realise how original and organic this company are, Ben, Stuart and Vicky work round the clock, putting their hearts and souls into this idea, any time they can give to One&Other- they do. The motivation isn’t money based, its something much better, much bigger. It doesn’t just stop there though, within my three weeks here I have met quite a few of the contributers, all giving their time willingly. The sense of community here is one that I wasn’t really expecting, everyone gets stuck in and not only that, they get on, they work together, they  laugh together… it just works and I just want to say thank you to everyone who I’ve met so far. Their enthusiasm has inspired me more than I foresaw and it makes working here fun, it seems a shame that in three weeks it will be the end and off back to university I will go, but hey, less of the pessimism.

You might be thinking it sounds a little too good to be true, so here’s where I tell you of the struggles I have encountered. My generation is meant to be “technologically savvy”, well I’m one of the exceptions to this theory. I’m not a complete technophobe, (although at times I do get the urge to throw computers out of the window when they don’t perform to my requirements) but a PC user adapting to a Mac has proved to be something of an obstacle. For all you Mac users out there I salute you, after about a week I managed to get used to the different layouts and shortcuts but still have a way to go.

One of the high points so far has been the fact I have been writing published articles. The first day was like a monumental celebration in my eyes, my first ever article was published, The North York Moors 60th Anniversary will go down in history for me. When I saw my name on One&Other I felt a mixture of being a” rabbit in the headlights” and a little kid at christmas. It was brilliant.

I realised on that first day this was what I wanted to do as a career, after many years of constantly being pressured with the question – “What do you want to do when your older?”  I can now reply confidently, (thanks to the experience of One&Other) “a writer”.

One&Other and the people behind it have opened my eyes, and kick started my career for when I finish University. With so much negativity in life I just want to thank everyone at One&Other for this opportunity and thanks for the huge amount of positivity it brings to my life and others.


By Katie Atkin

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